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The Songwriter Show is produced and hosted by Gus Caveda:
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Gus has been writing and producing music for over 25 years.
He has had several songs published and released through
major and independent companies like Atlantic Records, EMI. Screen Gems, and AMD. Gus has had several songs
placed on TV. shows as well as in other multi-media outlets.
In August of 2005 Gus began producing a weekly health & fitness podcast called “A Better Day”. Although the show’s main topic was about fitness and motivation, Gus managed to play some independent music each week as a way of motivating people to exercise. That experience opened his eyes to how this new media as well as others are giving Artists a new and better way of distributing their music.
In 2007, Gus decided that he should take his experience in songwriting and use this new “citizen generated” media to inform, and educate people on the craft of songwriting. Each week the show will feature new music by some of the best independent songwriters around the world, as well as important information that affects songwriter, and eventually the music listening public. The show will also feature interviews with songwriters and Artists from all over.
I’ve had a love affair with music and songwriting since I was 5 years old. I love the idea of being able to share my thoughts and experience with others through this new wide open media”.
Gus Caveda
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